New Gambling Laws for Sweden

Gambling and the legality of it is very much a topical issue. In June, America legalised sports betting and Slovakia also legalised gambling just a few months ago. You can find information on casino reviews here at Spinathon. Now, Sweden is hopping on the band wagon and looking to reform some of their strict laws that have been in place for over 20 years. With this new law, Sweden will open to the international market and more casinos will be able to operate online, all be it with some strict rules and regulations. But what is the story behind these reforms and why now? Click here now to learn more about gambling and the laws surrounding it.

In June, the Swedish government, the Riksdagen, decided to provide the gambling industry in their country a little more freedom by openingonline playing upto international gambling operators for the first time ever. 94% voted in favour of this new law. This legislation, set to come into force in January 2019, comes with its own sets of rules and regulations as a push towards responsible gambling. Illegal gambling is very much a problem within Sweden and in fact many other countries, so these new laws aim to help combat some of the illicit dealings going on. Operators will have to pay€38,900 towards a license whilst if they want to make use of online gambling, the fee is higher.

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Currently, gambling is legal in Sweden, but operators must have a licence to do so. Previously, Sweden has enjoyed gambling and archaeological finds have dated it back to the third century BC. The first casino was opened in the 18th century but by the mid-19th century, casinos had been banned. Then, in the Lotteries Act of 1994 and the Casinos Act of 1999, only licensed casinos could operate. Now, this all sounds fair enough in theory, but there are only two main state-backed operators who have been awarded this license – the Svenska Spel and the AB TravOchGalopp and only 4 legal casinos in the whole of Sweden. One of the biggest and most popular casinos is Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall, opened in 2001, which is situated in the old railway station.


With both of these major players holding considerable stakes in the market (the ATG holding 18% share), it’s no surprise that there are some officials who are shifting a little in the chairs. Funding will need to be acquired elsewhere in order to make the most of these new laws. However, the general response is generally positive, with Sweden’s Cultural Affairs Committee quoting, “this proposed reform is long-awaited.”

Technological innovations and the wide-spread availability of online games has meant that gambling has spiked in Sweden, along with the traditionally popular betting on several sports, including horse racing and gymnastics.

The new laws on gambling and the rules and regulations should help to stem the tide of illegal gambling and encourage casinos to have more responsibility. It seems like a smart move from the Swedish government for now, but the true measures will be tested next year. For Sweden’s casinos and gaming operators, the world has opened up.…

Best Startup Travel Ideas

Perhaps you are interested in starting up your own travel agency but you lack the knowledge on the important guide lines that you need to undertake. First, you have to understand that a travel agency is not just like any other agency out there. This is a public service or a one’s own retailer that lends tourism and travel concomitant services to the people. It conducts such operations in the best interests of the suppliers. e.g. offering package tours, travel insurance , railways, hotels, cruise lines, car rentals, and air line services.

Moreover, a number of traveling agencies are concerned about creating traveling arrangements to its business travelers apart from serving their common tourists. However, there are a number of key elements that you need to put in mind before you start up a travel agency. To help you out, below are the best travel ideas that you can never neglect if all that you need is a travel agency:

Be a Certified Travel Agent

In case you are interested in opening up a traveling agency, it is important that you become a certified travel agent. To achieve that, all that you need to do is to get a professional certificate even though your country doesn’t recognize you as a travel retailer.

Locate your Niche

It is highly important that you define your niche. This can assist in popularizing your trade name within a certain location making it a referral kind of business. In order to make this possible, such positive actions like organizing tours for the senior people or setting a trip to particular place would be a stepping stone for your success.

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Think of Working Within Your Home

You may be interested in establishing a travel agency but on the other hand you lack enough capital to rent out a bigger office to conduct your daily activities in that line of duty. There’s no need to get any worries whatsoever. You can actually commence the travel business within the scope of your home to reduce the high rates of charges that you might incur.

Invest in Franchise

When it comes to this kind of business, it is mandatory that you get yourself a travel franchise if at all you are new to the field. When you have acquired this franchise, you are allowed to get access to an established brand or a business model proved to be in existence. It will you in reducing any kinds of risks whatsoever that are linked in setting up a business.

Seek Registration

It is important that you confirm with your country or state whether they accept you to be registered as travel retailer. If such a privilege comes, you may be subjected to get a bond or pay a fee alternatively.

Take the necessary guidelines as outlined above and see yourself establishing a travel agency that is successful.

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